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Pre-Depends of #CDD#-common meta packages from cdd-common


I'm currently trying to fix some configuration issues which occure with
the med-common meta package which will also influence all other CDDs
which will use cdd-dev to build their meta packages.  The problem is as
follows:  If the CDD uses the user-role based menu system this should
be configured via debconf in the configuration script of the #CDD#-common
package (where #CDD# stands for jr, med, np, edu, ...).  This means
that the cdd-common package has to be configured *before* the #CDD#-common
package is installed, because /etc/cdd/cdd.conf has to be read and
the tools in /usr/share/cdd/ have to be available.  Then the type of
the role system (currently only UNIX-groups but we know that this
might change in the future) has to be selected.  IMHO that's why we
need a Pre-Depends from cdd-common which has to be discussed on

What do you think about it?

Kind regards


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