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Re: Re: Arabic Linguist

(extending the topic to -i18n)

Quoting Michelle Konzack (linux4michelle@freenet.de):

> I am working on a turkisch, farsi and arabic project 
> and can this be done ? 
> I know <http://www.arabeyes.org/> but maybe wee need 
> a Debian specific "l10n-arabic" and "l10n-farsi"

Would be a good idea.....as would be a farsi-translated Installer.

BiDi support is now scheduled in Debian Installer so translating to
more RTL languages is a must have.

l10n-arabic mailing list is for sure a great idea. Indeed, I think
that more -l10n-* lists could attract more manpower to l10n....

(funnily, this thread is triggered by a spam....:-)))

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