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Re: Auslaendergewalt: Herr Rau, wo waren Sie? [Incident: 040610-001950]

Am 2004-06-10 10:40:18, schrieb Jonas Meurer:

>now we already get spam from german nazis?
>stupid world!

My fetchmail is downloading this bullshit since 02:30 CEST. 
On the E-mail I use to post here I have curently 57.000 hate-SPAMS.

Complet downloades SPAMS since 220.000 I have very big problems 
with my ADSL-Account... (23 E-mails spammed)  'spamassassin' get 
all since 7:00 CEST (trained with 400 SPAMS), but my system load 
is astrnomical. This is the first time I have a load over 4, 
exactly, it is 17 !

> jonas


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