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Re: ITP: connect -- Frontend to pppd for GNUstep

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 13:13, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Grzegorz B. Prokopski dijo [Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 10:45:21PM -0400]:
> > I second that too.
> > 
> > I would also like this situation to get fixed.  apt-cache search gnustep
> > shows other similar abuses, which unfortunatelly have already been let
> > into the archive:
> > 
> > imageviewer - Image Viewer for GNUstep
> > preferences - GNUstep Preferences application
> > terminal - Term Emulator for GNUstep
> > textedit - Basic text editor for GNUstep
> > viewpdf - Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer for GNUstep
> > 
> > OTOH I can also see more than 20 packages w/ "gnustep-*" prefix, which
> > I think is a good sign.  I think this convention should simply be
> > followed by more gnustep packages, especially the ones with generic
> > names.
> > 
> > gnustep-connect ? - makes sense for me.
> Also note that each of them already list in their short description
> they are a package meant for GNUstep - Why not acknowledge it in the
> name?

Some would call it redundant information :-)  But I don't think that's
the point of the discussion.

> As for the author having a different name: Not only, as it has been
> said, Debian handles it in an overall consistent way for a
> distribution - We routinely change upstream's wishes on this. I work

I prefer workin with upstream to explain and discuss what shape should
debian packaging have.  Even if they don't know all about our approach,
it is still nice to explain what are grounds for the package name

> mostly with Perl modules - My packages aren't called i.e. 'PDF::API2',
> but 'libpdf-api2-perl' - I don't like the current Perl module naming
> policy (I would prefer probably libperl-pdf-api2 or something like
> that), but I don't want to break with a consistent way of finding
> Perl-related stuff. Not only because of the Policy, but in the
> interest of the users of my packages, who will find and identify them
> easier if they announce up-front what are they about.

A comment from mine area of interest.  The way java libraries are
packaged is, I believe, based on perl, so we have i.e.
'libant1.6-java'.  So changing this general rule just to move pieces of
chars around would affect more than just perl.  And, honestly, I prefer
to see "ant" in the first characters.  I already know this is java.


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: This is getting slightly off-topic, so let's stop it here ;-)

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