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Re: ITP: connect -- Frontend to pppd for GNUstep

Grzegorz B. Prokopski dijo [Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 10:45:21PM -0400]:
> I second that too.
> I would also like this situation to get fixed.  apt-cache search gnustep
> shows other similar abuses, which unfortunatelly have already been let
> into the archive:
> imageviewer - Image Viewer for GNUstep
> preferences - GNUstep Preferences application
> terminal - Term Emulator for GNUstep
> textedit - Basic text editor for GNUstep
> viewpdf - Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer for GNUstep
> OTOH I can also see more than 20 packages w/ "gnustep-*" prefix, which
> I think is a good sign.  I think this convention should simply be
> followed by more gnustep packages, especially the ones with generic
> names.
> gnustep-connect ? - makes sense for me.

Also note that each of them already list in their short description
they are a package meant for GNUstep - Why not acknowledge it in the

As for the author having a different name: Not only, as it has been
said, Debian handles it in an overall consistent way for a
distribution - We routinely change upstream's wishes on this. I work
mostly with Perl modules - My packages aren't called i.e. 'PDF::API2',
but 'libpdf-api2-perl' - I don't like the current Perl module naming
policy (I would prefer probably libperl-pdf-api2 or something like
that), but I don't want to break with a consistent way of finding
Perl-related stuff. Not only because of the Policy, but in the
interest of the users of my packages, who will find and identify them
easier if they announce up-front what are they about.


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