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Re: Bug#252632: ITP: wmtemp -- WindowMaker dock applet displaying lm_sensors temperature values

On Sat, Jun 05, 2004 at 06:01:44PM +0200, Lars Steinke wrote:
> Well, I can follow your line of reasoning. But if you spin that thought
> further we would ultimately strive to create a single unified 
> package "wm-dockapps" containing the roughly 90 dock apps for
> WindowMaker packaged individually in Debian, even though probably 
> no one wants all of them on their system anyway...

I refuse to follow that reasoning. This is exactly what epplets do
currently, and it works great; there's nothing wrong with that.

As you said yourself, one WindowMaker dockapp regularly doesn't take up
more space than a mere 14k...

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