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Re: libcurl2 7.12.0-1 breakage and its removal from unstable

On Sat, Jun 05, 2004 at 02:51:04AM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> > I don't see what the problem with using an epoch is; after all, this is
> > the kind of situation they seemed to be designed for. Using an epoch
> > seems like the easiest solution. Why are you opposed to using one?

> Or he could of just simply uploaded a new version of the package as
> libcurl3 instead of libcurl2 so everything could be recompiled against
> it.

$ apt-cache showpkg libcurl2|grep lib.*libcurl2
  liblrdf0,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  paintlib2,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libraptor1,libcurl2 7.11.2-1
  libmultisync-plugin-opie,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libcurl2-gssapi,libcurl2 7.12.0.is.7.11.2-1
  libcurl2-dev,libcurl2 7.12.0.is.7.11.2-1
  libcurl2-dbg,libcurl2 7.12.0.is.7.11.2-1
  python2.3-librdf,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  python2.2-librdf,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libwww-curl-perl,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libsword4,libcurl2 7.10.8+7.11.0-pre1-1
  librdf0,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  librdf-ruby,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  librdf-perl,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libraptor1,libcurl2 7.10.8+7.11.0-pre1-1
  liblrdf0,libcurl2 7.11.2-1
  libdiscover2,libcurl2 7.11.1-1
  libcurl2-gssapi,libcurl2 7.11.2-1
  libcurl2-dev,libcurl2 7.11.2-1
  libcurl2-dbg,libcurl2 7.11.2-1
  libcurl-easy-perl,libcurl2 7.9.5-1
  libcurl-dev,libcurl2 7.9.5-1

Not before sarge releases, not unless we get libtool and pkg-config
sorted out everywhere we need them to be.  I don't want another
unnecessarily painful transition like the gnutls one, thanks.

If you want to see libcurl3 in sarge, please fix the following packages
first to no longer depend directly on libcurl2:


As this is a library on which other library packages depend, it would be
a good idea in general to introduce versioned symbols into both the old
and new versions of the package.  In practice, I can't find any of the
package interdependencies of the sort that would make this necessary.

C.f. the just-posted notes from my DebConf talk:

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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