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Re: Overwriting Mandrake cooker with Debian unstable?

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 11:44, Ricardo J. Sousa wrote:
> On Thursday 03 June 2004 07:21, you wrote:
> > Hello developers,
> Hi!
> > I'm getting fed up with the upgrade tools available with Mandrake and
> > plan to replace it with GNU/Debian unstable. I have GNU/Debian on most
> > boxes at home except one. Upgrading the Debian boxes is very smooth with
> > apt compared to the urpmi stuff in Mandrake. In connection to the switch
> > I have some questions. I don't want to wipe out everything installed
> > already, just successively replace the .rpm-packages with .debs.

> Why don't you try apt-rpm with cooker? I'm using it on this machine (with 
> Community, not Cooker tho) and it works nicely.
> Perhaps you can help MDK make upgrades smoother... Just by letting the other 
> drakes know about what went wrong :)

I have tried apt-rpm but the problem was to find sites having up to date
versions of the pgklist and release files, similar to the Packages and
Release files in apt, I believe. Any good sites not only supporting the
synthesis/hdlist/etc urpm-based upgrades?
> > I'm this has been tried before and hopefully somebody can share their
> > experiences.

> You can try to use debtakover which is more RH oriented but might work.
> I actually did it the other way around (Debian -> MDK) and it wasn't 
> complicated, just a lot of work (taking notes of  the top level packages, 
> finding the corresponding rpms).

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it if I cannot get apt-rpm to work properly (again).

> Regards and good luck
> Ricardo

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