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Overwriting Mandrake cooker with Debian unstable?

Hello developers,

I'm getting fed up with the upgrade tools available with Mandrake and
plan to replace it with GNU/Debian unstable. I have GNU/Debian on most
boxes at home except one. Upgrading the Debian boxes is very smooth with
apt compared to the urpmi stuff in Mandrake. In connection to the switch
I have some questions. I don't want to wipe out everything installed
already, just successively replace the .rpm-packages with .debs.

1. Can I just download and install apt, create /etc/apt/sources.list and
install .debs over the already installed .rpms?
2. Should I rpm -e the corresponding .rpm before/after? Does this work
at all??
3. Alternately, do a base-install from a recent unstable snapshot CD,
keeping the partitions and mount points as before.
4. How to proceed from there if not formatting the partitions?
5. Use alien??

I'm this has been tried before and hopefully somebody can share their

Please Cc: me, I'm not on the list.

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