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Re: Support now in dpkg

On 04-Jun-02, Stephen Frost wrote:
> On 04-Jun-02, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> > On 04-Jun-02, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> > >   * it doesn't include unnecessary marketing connotations, and avoids
> > >     the issue whether we even *can* use AMD's name in vain
> > 
> > To use a more neutral name is really a good thing IMHO.
> ... There's no such thing as
> a 'neutral' name when you're talking about an architecture.  They're
> developed by companies, companies put their names in them and on them.

This is certainly true.

However, please note that my main reason for preferring 'x86_64' instead 
of 'amd64' is that both the toolchain and the kernel use 'x86_64'.

But I can also live with 'amd64', if that will be the decision.
I am not a DD and I don't know who can decide this issue.

Andreas Jochens

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