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amd64/x86_64 support now in dpkg - Technical question

One technical question regarding 'archtable':

The archtable of the new dpkg 1.10.22 says

x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu        x86-64          x86_64
x86_64-linux                    x86-64          x86_64
x86_64-linux-gnu                x86-64          x86_64

Are all these three entries really necessary?
I made some tests and it seems that dpkg works fine when
there is only the third of those entries

x86_64-linux-gnu                x86-64          x86_64

I think the other two entries should be removed.
This would match the i386 case which has only

i386-linux-gnu                  i386            i486

(Yes, I know that I requested three entries for amd64 myself
in my bug report (#241938). When I filed that bug report,
I had just copied those entries from the dpkg package 
that the amd64 port used at that time. I had verified that
this configuration worked but not checked if it also works
with fewer lines.)

Besides that, I would still prefer the line

x86_64-linux-gnu                x86_64          x86_64

(s/x86-64/x86_64/, see my other mail).

Andreas Jochens

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