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Re: your mail

@ 01/06/2004 14:43 : wrote Marek Habersack :

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 12:32:10PM -0300, Humberto Massa scribbled:
<lots of stuff, I won't go one by one (I agree with you in many things)>
(the numbering is new, unrelated to the other post)

1. I did not called for your expulsion from Debian. Only under the most extreme circumstances I would do such a radical and harmful thing.

2. I do think integrity is Debian (and /ALL/ of the DDs) upholding whatever is in www.d.o, 'cause they (DDs) have the power to change what's written there.

3. I wasn't defending anyone (JW or else) but I do think better "levels" of communication are achieved when we try not to offend people.

3a. This and I missed the post where he acused you of being high.

3b. But even so, I would ask you (and you had the right to deny me) to let him be wrong alone (and not join him in his wrong-ness).

4. My (current) interpretation of Free Software is the DFSG. (If you grep miname in d-l@, you'll see that my interpretation is even more lax than that of most there).

4a. The tentative DFSGv2 is a good start IMHO. It's more clear to outsiders to understand, and consolidates a lot of "DFSG case law".

5. (there, back to the beginning) Yes, we can disagree. If and when /most/ DDs disagree with me, I'll leave. Until there, I want to cooperate. I want to contribute. Cooperate with / contribute to the stuff that's (currently) stated in www.d.o.

5a. Hence my attempts to contribute here and at d-l@, as my skills permit.

6. I believe in Free Software (as defined above). More, as RMS does, I believe proprietary software is a social problem. I believe the current model of comercialization of proprietary software is a scam, with few exceptions.

6a. AutoCAD and MSWord are explicitly excluded from those few exceptions, for the record.

7. Please don't fight me. I want to constructively exchange arguments and build towards some consensus (beautiful, uh?). I don't fight.

8. Please forgive me if anything I wrote can be construed as patronizing or otherwise diminishing you. If it happens, it's completely (non-native-English-speaker-wise) accidental.


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