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Re: Lost Trust

Op di 01-06-2004, om 02:11 schreef Nathanael Nerode:
> Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> >Please, try not to give such black-and-white responses. There's a world
> >of difference between "merging non-free right into main" and "ensuring a
> >driver, which requires non-free firmware to be loaded, works, instead of
> >just throwing the driver and the firmware entirely out of Debian, and
> >telling users that they're unlucky, and that they should've bought free
> >hardware, ha ha".
> Please come up with a meaningful difference between putting non-free 
> peripheral software needed only for a few rare pieces of hardware (the actual 
> case with the tg3 driver) into 'main', and putting any other piece of 
> non-free  software in 'main'.

I'm not suggesting keeping the non-free firmware in main indefinately.

I'm suggesting to make sure that
      * the non-free firmware actually is available in the non-free
      * in a form such that it can be easily used
      * and that the kernel package warns a user that their hardware
        will stop working if they install the new package unless they
        install this and that package from the non-free archive.
*before* throwing it out of main.

That's not just limited to the tg3 driver; that's how I'd want
everything to work.

> "Lost Trust" is a good title; I don't trust most Debian Developers to follow 
> the Social Contract any more.

you forgot to apply

s/the Social Contract/my interpretation of &/

to the above sentence. Which is fair enough.

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