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Unidentified subject!

> > 1) It encourages free alternatives to be written.
> Everytime I see some smartass writing that, I wish they would actually
> damned code that alternative. Then and ONLY then they have the right to
> remove anything. 

If I upload AutoCAD, will you oppose removing it? Part of what makes the
community successful is that attitude; there's a lot of people who write
free software who wrote shareware for Windows, simply because the community
expects free software.

> > 2) It encourages original vendors to open their source to the community if
> > they deem it appropriate.
> prove it - give some examples

Ever heard of QT? 

> just do the stuff we should do at debian -
> maintain and create good software?

Then write and pass an amendment removing the DFSG entirely. We maintain
and create good _free_ software at Debian until that amendment passes.

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