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new udev and makedev packages

They are available at http://www.bofh.it/~md/debian/.
*Please* test them before I will upload them to the archive, I want to
be sure that they will not break.

makedev (2.3.1-70) unstable; urgency=medium

  * NMU to move /etc/udev/.dev/ to /.dev/, Conflict with udev <= 0.024-7.
  * Do not fail if /proc is not mounted. (Closes: #246421)

udev (0.024-8) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Removed MAKEDEV-wrapper and Conflict with makedev <= 2.3.1-69.
    (Closes: #245441)
  * /etc/udev/.dev/ moved to /.dev/. (Closes: #246592)
    If you do not want to see it anyway, just rmdir it.
    You will have to manually remove /etc/udev/.dev/ after the next reboot.
    You want to reboot soon anyway because MAKEDEV has been updated to look
    for the new directory.
  * Added a script to create by default a /dev/cdrom symlink, courtesy of
    Michal ?iha?. (Closes: #247179)
  * Added Japanese debconf template translation. (Closes: #245434)
  * Add /dev/misc/nvram to devfs.rules. (Closes: #246125)
  * Fixed the group of /dev/fb*. (Closes: #246011)
  * When installing on a devfs system enable compat-full.rules if
    /dev/tty1 exists. (Closes: #251146)
  * Removed support for $udev_root from the init script. (Closes: #249183)
  * Do not start udev if the kernel lacks tmpfs support. (Closes: #250476)
  * Make the nvram device g+rw and owned by group nvram.

ciao, |
Marco | [6483 coRCWQLYzB0fc]

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