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dehs: watch filler wizard is running on alioth

i had tried to implement a Watch filler function for dehs that run daily
on alioth[1].
There are 6510 package without watch file[1].
I had run "watch filler" on this packages for try to make an
automatically generated Watch from "Copyright" file of packages.
Now you can keep and try the watch file for your package. 
You could/must need to do some fixing/customization on it (remember that
this are always automatic generated) and if need some suggestion you
could ask to me.
Some results about Watch filler:

Watch wizard - automatically builded watch file from Copyright file 
- Watch (692)->Dehs wizard generated Watch file. It has passed Uscan
- Errors (3900)-> Error for the dehs wizard Watch file that has not
passed Uscan test. 
- N/A (117)-> Copyright file not founded for the package. 
- Notmatch (1768)-> Copyright file, no http/ftp address found from Watch

Any suggestion and improvements are welcomed.


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