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Re: Resignation

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 08:42:02PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Well, anyway, just about any action would have been more useful than
> quitting the whole goddamn project.

Useful to whom?

> > > I would have understood it as (i). Instead, quitting altogether certainly
> > > looks more like (ii) or worse, and I find such an act worthy of derision.
> Umm, where have I stated that I know his state of mind? 

Working out whether it was an instance of "(i)" or "(ii)" is a question
of state of mind. Saying it "looks more like" one or the other is a
statement of knowledge about his state of mind.

> I don't really care for what Herbert Xu's state of mind is, I judge him
> by his actions, and he sure acted rather prominently in this event.

So, your complaint is that he acted prominently?

> It's nice to be consistent, sure, but I prefer
> not being unreasonable over being consistent.

Or are you complaining that Herbert is acting according to his own
interests, not yours?

> When someone does a "... or I quit!" post, that's more of a funny thing
> (though of course far from commendable), but when someone actually does
> it, then that's plain fucked up.

So, you're saying Herbert's resignation wasn't an example of "...or I
quit!", let alone a stunning one?

> And as if the whole idea of quitting Debian for tangential daily-political
> reasons wasn't bad enough, he also had to make it clear that he wouldn't
> allow himself to be reasoned with any further because they offended his holy
> cow or something and the game was over.

Or are you saying no one in Debian is allowed to have any "holy cows"? Or
that, if they do, they have to accept them being slaughtered, cooked
and eaten?

> Anyway, I'm starting to repeat myself. If you think that people with such an
> attitude should be given the benefit of the doubt (?), that's just great,
> but I choose to openly condemn it, and silly sarcasms such as...
> ...don't bother me at all.

Mmm. Well, who am I to argue anyway? Let the purges continue!


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