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Re: Resignation

> Why is quitting worthy of jeering then? 

FWIW, the main reasons I can see for this resignation would be either:

(i) you honestly believe that if the argument does not go your way, you
will be sufficiently unhappy working in the project that it is better
for your state of mind to quit,

(ii) persuasion is failing and you wish to push people to your side of the
argument through other means (i.e., through the loss of your significant

or some combination of the above.

I expect that Josip is criticising (ii) and you are defending (i).
Having no great insight into Herbert's mind, I offer no suggestions of
my own as to why he did it.

I do believe that (ii) is rather childish, but OTOH I can certainly
envisage hypothetical situations where (i) could push me out of a
project that I love dearly and have put a lot of time into.



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