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ITH: libicu28 (overriding parts of icu)


since no original maintainer is apparently willing to update the ICU
package to a newer version and the last active maintainer did not
respond to my mail and because of the need of the new ICU version for
our Mono packages, I intend to upload a new version of ICU created by
me. It will have a different source lib* and lib*-dev package names,
however "icu-doc" will override the previous version of the icu-doc
package in the archive. I decided to drop some parts of the installed
ICU sweet because IMNSHO nobody really needed them in regular system
environment and they introduce extra complexity but can be generated
easy by developers who need it.

If nobody complains, I will upload the new package in few days.


  * Package hijack
  * Renamed the source package, we do not provide libicu21 so it should be
    a separate package
  * New upstream version (closes: #162975)
  * Cleaned upstream source with uclean (closes: #178201)
  * Dropped all extra packages except of library, -dev and -doc. Having them
    does not make much sence any more since all data comes precompiled in a
    shared library. (closes: #184403, #223010, #233398)
    Let me know if you need some of the extra components.

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