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Re: Obtaining information on running processes

Hi Thiago!

You wrote:

> How can I retrieve information on the running processes thru a program
> written in c? Is there any function that does something like lsof ?? I
> need specifically info on processes communicating thru the local
> network, like lsof -i. I know I can get most of the info from
> /proc/net/tcp (inode, ports, etc...), but how can I get the PID of the
> processes listed in this file, and also, the NAME of the process
> (field NAME when running lsof -i)

Well, it's Open Source, so just get the source of lsof and look how it
is done there.  IIRC, it searches /proc/NNNN/fd/*.

PS:  The debian-devel list is for discussions related to the devlopment
of Debian.  User question like this are best asked on

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