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Bug#250327: O: widestudio -- Multi platform C++ IDE for x11

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I have had more packages than I can maintain in my free time, and I
want to orphan this package.

The package's description is:
 WideStudio is an integrated development environment(IDE) to build GUI
 applications for Linux / FreeBSD / SOLARIS / Windows95/98/ME,
 Windows NT, Win2K.
 WideStudio has features as follows;
  - It is possible to develop GUI applications at no charge, and very easily.
    People who cannot afford expensive development tools can now start
    developing with WideStudio for free.
  - Using WideStudio, you are a modern, multi platform developer.
    Your applications will run on various platforms such as Windows
    NT/2000/Me/98,Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS,...
  - WideStudio is open source!
    The purpose of WideStudio is spreading software development technology,
    popularizing the open-source to various platform and destroy the barrier
    between the Windows and UNIX platforms. WideStudio is under the X11/MIT
    license, thus, you can use it for hobby and commercial use at no charge.
    From today on, you can be an open source developer with WideStudio.

The upstream authors develop this software actively and they will help
if a new maintainer meets packaging problems.

 Hidetaka Iwai

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