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Re: Debian From Scratch

John Goerzen(jgoerzen@complete.org)@2004.05.21 19:57:19 +0000:
> Debian From Scratch (DFS) is a single CD that is a full rescue CD
> capable of working with all major filesystems, LVM, software RAID,
> and even compiling a new kernel.
> <snip> 
>   I will be making .debs of this before too long.

I assume you will be uploading this to the Debian project when the
debs are done. Would you mind emailing me when this takes place, I am
interested in using this tool to create a minimal debian install for
embedded projects.

Other than debootstrap, does anyone know of a tool that creates the
bare minimal debian configuration. It should have just enough to boot
and run apt?


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