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Re: Mirror for cdebootstrap

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 01:59:18AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:
>> > What would be the easiest way to do that?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > John
>> Simplest case baring bugs in package priorities:
>> debmirror --limit-priority=essential,standard /mirror/
> I can't find any --limit-priority in my debmirror docs or sources...
> -- John

Ahh, sorry. I checked my changelog and that feature is sitting at my
sponsors. Its only a minor change so I didn't put any importance on it
to get it uploaded. Might be a couple of days till I contacted
him. But you can use the second method till then, thats how I used to
do it.

>> If you need a more controled selection you can first mirror the
>> Packages file, for i in <pkg>; do grep-dctrl; done >small/Packages,
>> and then run debmirror on the small/Packages with the option not to
>> dowload Packages.


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