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ttyS0: LSR safety check engaged!


It seems that something in the  setserial setup is screwed up. I found
in google the following advice: 

>From <jmd000@myrealbox.com>

>On my Sarge system I don't have a /etc/serial.conf
>But I do have a /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf
>I just ran dpkg-reconfigure setserial and chose the 'manual' option for
>editing the config file. Then I commented out the line for /dev/ttyS0.
>Rebooted to check the output and the message is gone. I really should learn
>the Debian way for these kind of things but for now that'll do. And the
>keyboard error has most likely always been there, didn't notice.

Now when I run  dpkg-reconfigure and chose manual, the system waits
and then returns to the console input so it does not give me the
manual interface!! The autoserial.conf file however does not contain
any line for /dev/ttyS0
so I am really puzzled. Additionally when I via control-alt f2 want to
change to a terminal the above message pops up every to 2 sec, very

Any help would be very appreciated.


Uwe Brauer

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