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Re: stop changing dependencies of the base system

> Each of these changes costs the d-i team at least two days of
> development and testing as we get a fixed version of debootstrap into
> testing.

Some time ago I was creating a custom debian installation CD with a mix of
stable, testing and sid. I have a (buggy and unfinished) perl script that
takes some hints (take X from sid, kde from testing, others preferably from
stable, but use testing or sid if dependencies require that) and tries to
create a dependency-consistent set of packages.
To make d-i to work with the resulting package set, I had to modify
debootstrap-udeb during CD creation. In particular: the script removed all
listed library packages, and instead (recursively) added dependendencies of
the rest packages in the list, to ensure that the resulting list completely
exists on the CD being created. Althouht this is hacky, it worked quite

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