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{ pciutils, kudzu } -> sarge ?

Can't pciutils and kudzu be hinted to go in together?

If so, why does this kind of simple case require a hint?  kudzu is
waiting for pciutils, pciutils breaks the old kudzu, and there are no
other dependencies (as kudzu-dev is part of kudzu).  It seems the script,
seeing that, should immediately try to go again, specifying that kudzu and
pciutils should go in together.  That is, immediately attempt the obvious
hint when there are two source packages involved in this kind of blockage.

Same thing with sablevm and sablevm-classlib.

Same thing with libxklavier and gswitchit.

And then there's batik, which seems to be confused by dependencies between
two contained binary packages.  It's unclear what is blocking it.

Or is there something I am missing?

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