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Re: [radel@inet.net.nz: Debian Server ideas]

From: D & E Radel <radel@inet.net.nz>:
> Applying this to Debian, it might mean that after installing
> a package (perhaps called 'server-admin' or something),
> admins could be greeted with a list of tasks to manage their
> server like:
> Manage your server:
> * install/configure a webserver
> * install/configure a ftp server
> * install/configure samba
> * install/configure an X server for remote desktop logins
> * configure users and groups

Is there already a webmin frontend to apt? I think webmin does handle 
the configuration side of things (well, more or less. I can't really 
comment on it as I don't use it.) So if there would be a package 
installation webmin plugin, that would handle package installations 
(and automatically add webmin-... plugin, too), the missing link would 
be that the user has to know to install webmin-serversuperduperwizard 
and start a web browser to get the wizard.[1]

I see there is webmin-software - perhaps this already does parts of 

Just a random ideaon hitting my brain cell.
-- vbi

at the point where tasksel/dselect is offered, offer this too and 
automatically start a session in a w3m/links/whatever window? (Except 
that webmin is probably not exactly textmode-browser-friendly...)

Money isn't everything -- but it's a long way ahead of what comes next.
		-- Sir Edmond Stockdale

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