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[radel@inet.net.nz: Debian Server ideas]

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From: D & E Radel <radel@inet.net.nz>
Subject: Debian Server ideas
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 13:03:48 +1200
To: Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org>
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Hi Martin.

re: An idea for Server Admins installing Debian

One thing that I find difficult is the manual configuration of
common server tasks in Debian.  I was installing a bunch
of Windows 2003 Servers *cough* *cough* recently for an 
organization and was very intrigued with the Wizard interface 
to setting up a server. All tasks including installing of server
components, or modifing typical server roles are through a 
unified tool.  Of course, manual hacking is still available.

Applying this to Debian, it might mean that after installing
a package (perhaps called 'server-admin' or something),
admins could be greeted with a list of tasks to manage their
server like:

Manage your server:
* install/configure a webserver 
* install/configure a ftp server
* install/configure samba
* install/configure an X server for remote desktop logins
* configure users and groups

The package could then install the required system packages,
and automate the setup of these. Wizards mean that uses
don't have to read textbooks and how to manual hack these
programs, or even which to install.

The thing is, that many of the typical server roles that people 
use Debian for are indeed similar.

Just an idea....
Dietrich Radel

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Martin Michlmayr

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