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Unicode encoding as spam protection

These days my job is very mundane, as a Staff Assistant for the Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Department of State. We have a lot of computer ignorant folks in the office, so there is lots of trouble with spam.

As one of the solutions, it has recently been discovered that encoding email addresses on the web site in unicode currently defeates the bots scrounging web pages looking for likely addresses to spam.

As there are several virus programs that harvest addresses from the address book, my question is: How can I unicode my address book, and will Mozilla Mail still know how to read it? (Apparently unicode encoded addresses on web sites show up just fine in any browser, including Mozilla. I just wanted to know if the translation was at a fundamental level so that it would work in the address book as well.

Anyone have any ideas? Is this idea worth implimenting transparently in Mozilla? (Is it already there and I just don't know it? ;-)

Any suggestions appreciated.

Waiting is,


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