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This email address is no longer valid

John Winters no longer uses this email address. If you want to contact him
personally, please resend your message to: john at sinodun dot org dot uk

If you want to contact the Linux Emporium, it is under new management
(ChyGwyn Limited) but still providing the same quality service as
usual. Please resend your message to one of the following addresses
depending on your query:

	info@chygwyn.com	-	General enquiries
	sales@chygwyn.com	-	Queries about sales
	steve@chygwyn.com	-	Anything else/Not sure

The @linuxemporium.co.uk equivalents of the above three addresses also
continue to work and will reach the same respective destinations. Please
don't send any confidential details (e.g. credit card details) by email.

Further information is available at: http://www.chygwyn.com/

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