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Re: libparagui1.0: FTBFS on s390 - help needed

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 04:05:41PM +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > Ok but why it happens *only* on s390?
> Because it was only compiled on s390 with readline support. I'd guess
> that the s390 buildd that took care of building libphysfs0 had
> libreadline4-dev installed, libphysfs0's configure-script detected it
> and automatically enabled it.

Oh I see. Thanks.
> > Theroetically libphysfs0 depends on libreadline4 also on other
> > architectures, but this doesn't lead to problems with libparagui1.0.
> > Seems that I have to add some dependencies to libphysfs.
> No. You have to decide first. - Do you think libphysfs should be
> compiled with libreadline4-support. - Is it useful, or just bloat? If
> yes update the Build-Depencies and libphysfs-dev's dependencies,
> otherwise make sure libphysfs is not *accidentally* compiled with
> libreadline4-support e.g. by using --disable-readline.
> FWIW I'd guess that compiling with libreadline4 is *not* what you
> want. - libreadline4 is GPL, which can be quite limiting for a
> library.
> Identical thought should be given to the libncurses5 dependency.

Thanks a lot for this comment and suggestions.


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