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Re: ITA: filler - Simple game in Java

James Damour dijo [Tue, May 11, 2004 at 08:25:52AM -0400]:
> Good evening.  My name is James Damour, and I would like to adopt the
> filler package that the Debian QA team has orphaned.  I have made my
> first modifications to the package, and I have uploading them to
> http://mentors.debian.net.


I cannot offer you to sponsor your package, as I understand no Java,
and any error would probably slip under my nose. Anyway, if you have
the package ready, please retitle bug #232868 to 'ITA: filler - Simple
game in Java' - You can do this by sending the following line as a
mail to control@bugs.debian.org:

retitle 232868 ITA: filler - Simple game in Java

I noticed you already replied to that bug report, but when people look
at the WNPP packages, filler still appears as orphaned - do this just
to save other people the effort in opening the report and checking.

> I would appreciate it if a sponsor could review my packaging, and let me
> know what I should change in order to get it ready for upload to the
> Debian archive.  I've fixed all lintian or linda errors, and the
> remaining linda warning may be a bug (as a game, filler needs to be
> rwxr-sr-x and linda is expecting rwxr-xr-x).
> I expect that I'll get a FTBFS error because I can not specify a
> compliant Java Development Kit from within the Debian archive (filler
> requires Swing technology, and I haven't found a VM that will build it,
> but I'm still looking).  Any assistance in this area would be greatly
> appreciated.

If your package requires a non-free JDK, then it will enter contrib
(instead of main) and will not be autobuilt, so don't worry, you will
not get the dreaded FTBFS ;-) Just please note somewhere visible
(i.e. in /usr/share/doc/filler/) what JDK did you use to compile it
and where can it be found. Also, double check: Can Filler be used with
any of the existing JVMs in Debian? If not, it would not be useful at
all, and instead of adopting it, you should file for its removal from
the archive.


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