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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Am 2004-05-10 22:37:04, schrieb Stephen M. Gava:

>If this really is a serious problem on the lists that's bothering lots of 
>folk, and it could really be helped by having the lists host being powerful 
>enough to easily run spamassassin with bayesian filtering enabled, and given 
>that (in spite of the seemingly inevitable flamewars which so many find so 
>boring ;) the lifeblood of this project, the fundamental means by which it is 
>coordinated, is through the mailing lists: then wouldn't a suitable upgrade 
>to the lists host be a suitable way to spend a small part of the substantial 
>amount of debian's money being held by SPI?

I think, is every subscriber to lists.debian.org "donate" 
5 Euro, we can have a realy big machine ;-)

>Stephen M. Gava <smig@debian.org>


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