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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

> > > lists.debian.org *already* runs spamassassin
> >
> > Marco d'Itri and Rob Weir tell us they don't.
> No, they didn't.
> > What's true?
> They do run spamassassin, but with bayesian filtering disabled (because
> that part is too CPU-intensive).

If this really is a serious problem on the lists that's bothering lots of 
folk, and it could really be helped by having the lists host being powerful 
enough to easily run spamassassin with bayesian filtering enabled, and given 
that (in spite of the seemingly inevitable flamewars which so many find so 
boring ;) the lifeblood of this project, the fundamental means by which it is 
coordinated, is through the mailing lists: then wouldn't a suitable upgrade 
to the lists host be a suitable way to spend a small part of the substantial 
amount of debian's money being held by SPI?


Stephen M. Gava <smig@debian.org>

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