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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

  I have an even better suggestion, one GUARANTEED to stop 100% of the
spam from reaching people who are offended by such things.

  We can shut down the mailing lists!

  Now, I realize this might sound like a strange suggestion at first,
but think of the benefits:

  - First (and, of course, of utmost importance), the number of spam
    mails getting through to the lists will fall *immediately* to 0. ZERO.
    ZILCH.  No more Viagra ads, no more messages in unreadable
    charsets, no need to run your own spam filters.

  - The load on murphy will drop significantly, allowing it to perform
    its non-list-related duties more efficiently.

  - The listmasters' jobs will be made much easier, freeing them
    to work on more important matters, like flaming each other (in
    private mail, of course) over the latest non-free GR.

  - The members of the Project as a whole will be able to work on their
    technical tasks without being distracted by trivialities such as
    user support, coordinating policy with other maintainers, or release
    management.  Of course, a few important tasks (such as the
    flamewar-of-the-month on -devel) will become more difficult, but
    accommodations can be made for these corner cases; for instance,
    by putting every Developer on the Cc line of critical inflammatory

  And there's no need to stop there!  If the level of spam is still not
low enough to meet the approval of all Debian contributors, we could
continue with the trimming of unnecessary services.  For instance, do
we really need bugs.debian.org?  An obviously accessible bug reporting
service will just encourage users to file bugs, further wasting
developer time.

  Instead, we should just encourage users to email developers privately...
after they've brute-force decoded their GPG-encrypted email addresses, of
course; it goes without saying that we'll have to disable @debian.org and
@packages.debian.org email addresses, since spammers know to send mail to
them, and it's certainly unacceptable to place unprotected email addresses
in packages or package metadata.  Just make the key length short enough
that a Pentium III can brute-force it in a couple days, and we'll be set.

  With these measures, I can guarantee that Debian will become a 100%
SPAM-FREE zone...and God knows nothing else in life is important.


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