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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Hello Santiago Vila, 

Am 2004-05-09 16:04:49, schrieb Santiago Vila:
>The level of spam in the lists is something like 20% these days [*].

Yes we know !

>Those who still do not see the need to make the lists closed for non
>subscribers or non registered people (via the whitelist), please
>propose a better solution.
>The current level of spam is not acceptable by any standard,
>so "do nothing" does not count as a "solution".
>[*] Examples, for the lists I'm subscribed to:
>86 junk messages and 440 good messages yesterday.
>76 junk messages and 200 good messages today.

I am on more then 150 Mailinglists and last nigth I have filtered 
more then 480 SPAMS with spamassassin. Not one false ! 

I use 2.63

Maybe you could install it ?


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