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To epoch or not to epoch?

That is the question.

When I adopted the Argus package, it's version was at

2.0.6.beta.1, and was essentially packages of prerelease betas of Argus.

I've maintained this up to 2.0.6.beta.13, and then to argus.2.0.6.rc[1-4]
for release candiates.

Recently, Argus finally released. Problem I now have is that 2.0.6 is less
than 2.0.6.rc4. So one option is an epoch, another option is to tack some
crap on the end of the version (perhaps make it 2.0.6.release) so that it's
larger than 2.0.6.rc4.

I've seen references to aversion of epochs in this list in the past, and so
I was wondering what's best to do? Given the release cycle of Argus, there
is the potential for it to sit at 2.0.6 now for quite some time.



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