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Re: Countrychooser screen wording

John Hasler schrieb:
> I agree that 'area' may be a bit cryptic (though not as much so as
> 'locale'). 

I think whatever you'll use, it get's clear what you mean 
by the choices the user has.

    /-----------------------[Choose gnumpf]----------------------\
    | Based on your language, you are probably in one of these   |
    | gnumpfes.  If you are elsewhere, choose "other".           |
    |                                                            |
    | Choose your gnumpf:                                        |
    |  China                                                     |
    |  Hong Kong                                                 |
    |  Taiwan                                                    |
    |  other                                                     |

Nobody understands "gnumpf", but everybody knows what he has to do.


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