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Re: Dehs: To few watch file filled from Debian Mantainers

> It's not that it's hard,
> it's that they're not interested.

Well, they doesn't want to think to a little regular expression for help Qa 
Or the problem is that all the Debian developer think that Dehs is bootless for helping

>Another reason why some packages don't have a watchfile currently, is
>because the syntax doesn't support separate directories for upstream
>main branches.

I had commited (on dehs svn) two modded uscan version:
uscan3.pl that actually is used by dehs and uscan_dirh2.pl that had
added the support for recursive pattern matching in the directory in url
for Watch file

I don't want to fork uscan so i will don't done other modification (i.e.
add tags on uscan prints for parsing different pourposes  warning). 
I hope that this could be added in the official uscan script in the
devscripts debian package.

>    Upstream development requires a click-through page to get the source;
>  no directory listing is available.
>    (too common these days :( )

I really think that this could be a very, very little part between the different Upstream fetch cases.

So we could statistically try a work:
Every developer that had a package on http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/no_watch.html he could try to check if is it technically
possible to formulate a Watch file for almost one of his.

So we will could see that there are very few limitation about fill a watch file.


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