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Getting my GPG key signed at the 'Linuxwochen' in Linz / Austria at 04/05/13, 14 or 15

Dear debian-developers!

I have to note, that I've not yet startet the NM-process, but I intend
to do so once I feel ready to (which definitely is not the case at
present). To be honest, this won't be the case too soon, because my
first package has not even shipped to the official tree of Debian yet,
and I want to learn much more about Debian before trying to become part
of it officialy.
Anyways, if it is possible to get my GPG key signed before even having
startet the NM-process, I want to ask for somebody who will join the
'Linuxwochen' in Linz / Austria between the 13th and the 15th of May and
is willing to sign my key. I think this would be a good chance, because
I've seen no DD is from upper austria, and I don't get to the other
parts of Austria too often (although, it of course would be possible if
really required).

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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