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Re: Please stop breaking things

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:

> * Goswin von Brederlow (brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) [040504 18:40]:
>> [digital signed firmware]
>> Since you can't take the original source and rebuild the firmware
>> image, even with all the compilers and tools originally used, I would
>> say no.
> (It's a bit unfair to answer to a mail of Goswin, because he did bring
> neither this nor any of the other topics up - there are other people
> whom my answer fits much better.)
> Short to say: Don't we have any real problems?

Especially more pressing ones. In the short term, and quite opposed to
the long term stated before (you were all talking long term, right?),
keeping non-free blobs and getting sarge out is far more usefull and
pressing to the users.

> Our Social Contract declars that our priorities are our users and the
> free software community. It does not declare that our priorities are
> to troll around, never release and willful create show-stoppers.
> We, Debian, are now at the crossroads: What do we want? Do we want to
> build the best free operating system, used by lot of users? Or do we
> want to tell us how good we are, neglect our users and never release.
> Please re-read what Ian has said. He is absolutly right.
> Please remember that every formal text that is not inconsistent has
> holes in it - this is a proven sentence, and we cannot avoid it. So,
> _please_ lets keep the fundamental texts clear, short and
> comprehensible - and take them with a grain of salt, because we know
> that there are bordercases, and our texts cannot match all bordercases.
> I'm very sorry for these harsh words, but we must really be very
> cautious that we don't loose our good distribution, our sensible
> decisions and our best developers. Creating a free, good and open
> distribution is a really diffuclt thing, and if we ignore this fact, we
> will loose at least one of our great results. Please, let's fix bugs
> instead of creating new problems.

Hear hear.


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