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Survey on Debian usage

* Survey

 - Q: Are you a:  (note: you may choose more than one)
      [ ] Debian developer, or otherwise involved in contributing to Debian
      [ ] Free software developer
      [x] User, using Debian for: __server environment_______________________
      [ ] Other: __________________________________

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two typical episodes (whatever you feel
      like) of your life with Debian?
   A: Installing debian slink on a 68k mac without any prior knowledge of debian - what a learning curve :)
      Currently (about 8 yrs later) putting debian on everything that has a cpu and being KNOWLEDGEABLE about it :)

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two fantasy episodes of your life with
      Debian, if you were to make a movie or a comic strip about yourself as a
      Debian protagonist?
   A: Covert linux installer in a corporate network environment - undetected for over 18 months he-he  

 - Q: What Debian distribution are you using?
   A: woody and sid

 - Q: What do you think people use Debian for?
   A: APT - and the wonderful mailing lists ;)

 - Q: What is the thing you most frequently use Debian for?
   A: Everything

 - Q: What do you think is the most INTERESTING aspect or feature of Debian?
   A: Adhering to the open source ideal !

 - Q: Are there some aspects or features of Debian that do not satisfy you?
   A: Yes! Debian should rule the universe

 - Q: What do you think is the most USEFUL aspect or feature of Debian?
   A: ahh is this a trick question?

 - Q: Is there something you especially like doing with Debian?  What is it?
   A: installing it, especially with the old installer

 - Q: Is there something you DO NOT like doing with Debian?  What is it?
   A: hmmm, OK getting some peripherals to work can be a chore

 - Q: What is the MOST SUCCESSFUL deed you have achieved with Debian?
   A: easy - Nubus PPC woody install and web server environment

 - Please take a moment to recall what is the WORST INCIDENT you had
   with Debian.

   Q: What was it?
   A: My initial foray with 2.1 and a 2ci mac

   Q: How did you get into it, and out of it?
   A: seemed like a good idea and I suceeded with perseverence :) 

 - Imagine you have a crystal ball allowing you to see 10 years in the
   future, and have a look inside.  
   Q: Will you still be using Debian?
   A: Absolutely

   Q: If yes, what will you be doing with it?
   A: everything

 - Q: Finally, please feel free to leave any feedback to Debian Developers
   A: Keep up the fantastic work :)

Thank you again for your time and help in making improvements to Debian!


GPG key: 1024D/797EBFAB 2000-12-05 Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>

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