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lib package


I've read the libpkg-guide how to make a library package, but I have some
questions about, which aren't enough clear.

I have /usr/lib/libsilc-1.0.so.2.1.0 that's fine, objdump -p says
  SONAME      libsilc-1.0.so.2
that's great so I'll have libsilc-1.0-2 and libsilc-1.0-2-dev
package. [I guess, because this naming in the guide is ambiguous]

besides this I have some dlopen()able .so files, where are their place?
the documentation says:
 /usr/lib/silc/1.0/ which I can't understand why, because if the SONAME
(which is currently 2) increases, the API will change, so the package name
has to change too. thus IMHO it's better to use
 /usr/lib/silc/1.0-2 . Am I right?

also interesting, that I should use
 /usr/include/silc-1.0 which has the same problem, and here cames up a new
question, why the pkg/ver separator changes from / to - ?

Please help me, I'm lost. :)
And CC to me if you answer, thanks!

Tamas SZERB <toma@rulez.org>
GPG public key: http://people.debian.org/~toma/gpgkey-toma.asc
GPG ID: 69C0FA93

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