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Re: more evil firmwares found

@ 30/04/2004 00:47 : wrote Nathanael Nerode :

<>is a large binary file. This file is "edited" using a large commercial
application, often provided by the gate-array manufacturer. Anyone who
has this application can "open" and modify this file. There is no source

or compiler as such; the binary file is directly modified and directly
loaded into the gate array. The format of this binary file is usually
documented in the gate array spec's, and in theory you could use any
tool to edit this file.
I see.  OK, if it's fully documented, great, that's GPL-compliant!  For
DFSG, if you have no tool, that's 'contrib'; if you have the tool it can
in 'main'.
Nathanael, now you lost me. Documentation of the format has *anything* to do with DFSG-compliance?


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