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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

>>>>>  TBB == Thomas Bushnell, BSG [2004-4-29]

TBB> But for a font, the ability to tweak the bitmap might well be,
TBB> because there is nothing more to a rendered font than the bitmap;

It is very obvious that you don't really know what you're talking
about.  Nobody who understands how a font is designed could come up with
such a misguided statement.

It might not be something you are willing to accept, but Ted is right:
editing a font with a bitmap editor is exactly the same thing as editing
a firmware with an hex-editor.

Data is the output of algorithms--as well as algorithms input, of
course.  It is true that you can feed algorithms as data to algorithms,
and, as it happens with flex or bison, for example, it is also true that
you can get algorithms out of algorithms.

However, not all of data is algorithmic in nature.

My _*personal*_ interpretation of the term "software" as used in the
original DFSG is that it applies to algorithms intended to be run on the
Debian system.  I'm opposed to blindly applying it to data in general.

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