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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

Anthony Towns wrote:

> I don't think the previous social contract required us to apply the
> DFSG to either documentation or data.
How in hell do you justify this, while allowing such stuff into Debian?
"Debian will remain 100% Free Software".  Not "Debian will remain 50% Free
Software plus 50% Documentation and Data".

> Not everything that's unacceptable
> violates the social contract, but every that violates the social contract
> is unacceptable to release.
>> I understand the decision, but linking it with the GR is rather
>> abusive.
> It was the stated purpose of the GR to refute the above interpretation.
No.  The above interpretation was refuted long ago.  It was the stated
purpose of the GR to prevent people from asking repeated questions about
it, so that we didn't have to keep giving the same... explanations...
over... and... over...

I still don't know why you kept clinging to an interpretation which is
simply contrary to the text.  Indeed, why you still do.  What is going on
in your head?

> I
> don't know why you would claim that it's abusive to accept that.
It's abusive to blame your behavior on the GR, when it was due to your prior

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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