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Re: my Sarge experiences

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On Wednesday 28 April 2004 18.41, Philipp Strack wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I just installed Sarge using the CD's with the new Debian installer
> and I wanted to share the problems i experienced
> (I am no linux geek so probably most of them are my fault)

Your fault or not, if you couldn't work it out on your own, it's 
Debian's fault. :-)

Now, nobody has a working crystal ball, so it is important that you 
provide as much information as you can for your reports to be helpful. 
Your comments are a bit terse in many places.

Also, I agree with Simon that the 'one probelm in one email (or bug 
report)' approach is the way to go for unrelated problems.

> Installer crashes when I try to Install on a harddisk formated with
> reiser fs

crashes at which step?

> checking th CDS using the installer doesn't work

Doesn't work how? What exactly were you doing, and what was the output?

> Gnome is on the first CD but XFree is not why?

This one is clear enough.

> hotplug doesn't work with alsa it always loads the oss driver which
> conflicts with the alsa one

IIRC this is known and was being discussed somewhere.

> couldn't get ipppd working with Kernel 2.6

Again, you're a bit too terse here.

> ppp is installed by default but isdnutils is not why?

I guess the thought is that PPP is frequently used over ADSL now, with 
PPP over plain ISDN already disappearing.

> ipppd is really difficult to configure
> it was unclear whether I should use ipppd or pppdcapiplugin to
> connect to the Internet

Again, I guess a longer description of the problems you run into would 

> there is no script in if-up.d/ which automatically updates my
> /etc/resolv.conf after I connected to my ISP so i had to create on
> manually

Hmmm. There is the resolvconf package, but it is very new (and 
apparently isn't installed by default yet?) In other words, this is 
being addressed.

(OTOH, doesn't pppd update resolv.conf when properly configured, even 
without the resolvconf package being installed?)

> If there is no search line in /etc/resolv.conf gnome did not start.I
> dont no why. I found the tip searching the internet
> (It took me two days figuring out why gnome didnt start)

I guess this is something you can file a bug about, probably on the 
gnome-session package.

To file bugs: use the 'reportbug' program (in the package with the same 
name), but be friendly and search on http://bugs.debian.org if somebody 
reported the same bug before.

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