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Re: Configuration by using local packages

* W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org> [040428 00:21]:
> Maybe I didn't make my point clear: If I create a local
> (empty) package, that overwrites existing config files - of
> other packages! - by using cp in - it's own - postinst, this
> will just overwrite the config files, no matter what version
> they are etc.  My conclusion: "relatively BAD".

That sounds like the same situation I have. Such local packages 
are an abuse of the package managment system to get something
sone easily. And I want an langer amount of computers be configured
identically[1], as they shall behave identically and I want be able to
test and reconstruct things on any computer. As I want to have exactly
the same packages installed on each of them[2]. Thus as the computers are
homogenous enough, I just ship the configuration (except some things
like lilo.conf, which I do not want to have around in plain-text too
often) in a single local package, that overrides everything found there.
If I as in the habit of forgetting to revert local changes, I'd even
install a cronjob comparing the files, sending me a diff and installing
the version in the package.

Or in less words: Such a local package is equivalent to a scp of your
config files to all computers involved. If thus is what you need it
is a nice way to get there. If it is not what you want, it is of course
bad, but so is almost anything one does not want.

  Bernhard R. Link

[1] as far as this is possible with more or less different hardware. I
e.g. prefer to have the same graphics card in all of them to have
exactly one X-config to ship.
[2] and the same local packages like kernels and the like of course...

Sendmail is like emacs: A nice operating system, but missing
an editor and a MTA.

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