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Re: ppc64 port

> Not recompiling everything saves a lot of time - and potential trouble. I've
> no deep knowledge of ppc64 interna, and if you'd say that it has no major 
> drawbacks I'm really fine with "just" trying to set up kernel, binutils and 
> certain *lib* packages.

It doesn't have _major_ drawbacks, but it's probably better at this
point do a biarch yes.

> I found some information in 
> http://people.debian.org/~fmw/p630-LPAR-Debian-en.txt
> about preparing an installation on p-series LPAR's.
> Will look into this...

Ok. The main problem at this point is glibc not bootstrapping. You basically
need a working biarch glibc & gcc to be able to build a biarch glibc & gcc :)

You _can_ do the "initial" build to get them in the first place but it's
a very painful process (see scripts in ftp.linuxppc64.org/pub/people/janis
as a starting point). Once that's done, though, you can probably produce
initial .debs for these and do normal builds from now on.


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