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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:43:24 -0400, Glenn Maynard <g_deb@zewt.org> said: 

> On Tue, Apr 27, 2004 at 08:20:04PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> Heh, I am not the one whining. If you do not like the way I deal
>> with complaints of people who failed to care enough to exercise
>> their franchise, you know what to do.

> He offered a simple suggestion, and you attacked him in response.
> This isn't isolated; you seem to be rude by habit.  Matt's not the
> one at fault.

	If you ignore the context, perhaps.  This is a thread in which
 it has been stated the ballot was entirely deceptive

>>> Normally, in a political vote, "editorial change" is used to get
>>> people to believe that a controversial change isn't, giving a minority
>>> a better chance to get their vote passed while no-one is looking.

	And, after I tried to defend myself by stating that
 the difference was indeed posted to d-d-a, and that the full text was
 sent no less than four times to the list, I get a response saying
 that this was not good enough. Yes, I get testy when people tell me
 that my claims of the ballot being open and on deceptive are not
 quite good enough.

	So no, this was not just a ``simple suggestion'' being jumped
 upon by me. But, doubtless, you have already made up your mind of how
 much an ogre I am, so this message is probably falling on deaf ears.

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